Production facilities are continually upgraded and regularly checked and maintained

High quality level and precision

Our high technology machinery consists of:
10 Computer Numerical Control (CNC)

This work organization gives our products a high technology level and accuracy of workings.
Production facilities are constantly updated, regularly checked and maintained.

The high precision grade of the process guarantees that our product respects the drawing requirements during production.

Since 2015 we use for our logistics management, 5 automated vertical warehouses that make the flow of domestic production more fluid and slender (improving the purchase planning and our production processes). This brings to a better reactivity against customer expectations by operating with reduced delivery times.”

Constantly updated on new technologies

The use of anthropomorphic robots allows our work centers to be partially self-sufficient for long periods and provides a good degree of flexibility in production: this allows us to vary the production capacity of the plant according to the market’s demand.

The great flexibility of all our equipment, tools and programming methodology of CNC machines allows that the production can easily fulfil the sudden peaks of the market’s demand without any delay of the lead time.
We are aware that the person is the key of any process (production, quality, logistics, administration) and therefore we commit to keep our staff constantly updated on new technologies and involved in the procedures of production, quality and safety to ensure that our process is stable and the product meets the specifications required by our customers.

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